About Me

Here at The Quiet Life you are my world.  OK, I’ll admit I get a kick out of writing, researching, helping and passing on my experience and knowledge to people but ultimately this website and blog is for you.   So what can I offer?

I’m enthusiastic, and I always aim big! However, bear with me – it’s early days. I’m constantly creating content and I will be focusing on lifestyle topics such as money-saving tips, cooking for someone who has coeliac disease, looking after a child with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, PLUS DIY tips, product reviews and beauty tips for the more mature ladies (me included).

If you take a look at my very first blog post which was an infographic of my life from beginning to present day, you will see I have a wealth of experience in quite a few sectors of industry. I have an honours degree in business and have been running our construction business for over 23 years.

I’m a glass half full kinda girl!

My life is built on humour (it’s how I was brought up) and this has taught me that nothing is insurmountable – there is ALWAYS a way.

Before you go…

I’m not going to lie, I’m a shopaholic. I have a shop dedicated to all those things I use, I like, I think will be useful, or I think will make a great gift. I will also be making recommendations on certain products that I think are worth shouting about. Watch this space……

If it was in the kitchen I would have eaten it!
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