What’s YOUR Personality Type and what can you learn from it?

There is not a day that goes by without my Facebook feed popping up with a personality quiz (and once you participate it opens the floodgates for more). 

  • What colour is your aura?
  • Where should you go on holiday?
  • What is your ideal career or job?
  • What pet were you meant to own?

The list is endless….

There are quite a few personality tests you can take online, and you must be careful which ones you use.  Some are just for fun, but some are a little more thoughtful and meaningful, based on actual academic research such as Jung/Myers-Briggs.  In fact, I remember doing one of these at university. 

The hardest part is being honest and to some degree self-critical.  It’s easy to give an answer based on what you want to be, rather than what you are.  If you want your test outcome to be as honest as possible then get a close friend or family member to do it for you.

Some people don’t believe in these types of tests, but that’s fine, just don’t do them.  However, I know a lot of employers rely on personality tests at interviews!

A thought to take away with you is that this is just a guideline.  Other factors must be taken into consideration such as your current health, cultural differences and gender etc.

I chose to complete The Big 5 from two separate websites as follows.  I chose these because of their ease of use, user feedback and the reliability of the website.

As the name suggests, there are 5 factors –

  • Openness to experience – level of intellectual inquisitiveness, imagination, creativity
  • Conscientiousness – organised, dependability, work ethic
  • Extraversion – outgoing -v- reserved
  • Agreeableness – friendly -v- detached
  • Neuroticism – nervousness -v- confidence

The results:

Both sites resulted in the same answer, i.e. my two highest scores were in Conscientiousness at 60% and Extraversion at 80%.  It wasn’t a ‘lightbulb’ moment and nothing I didn’t know already.

What can be learned?

  • It’s human nature to want to deepen our understanding of ourselves. 
  • Completing one for each of your family members or close friends can help you understand them a little better.
  • You can identify your strengths and weaknesses and work on those points that you do not find particularly attractive in yourself.

It has limitations

  • They’re fun and helpful but they can’t tell you what career you would be good at or even love.
  • The answers should not be written in stone – you should still push and challenge yourself.
  • It shouldn’t stop you from making friends with someone who is the total opposite of you.
  • Your personality changes as you grow older and experience new things, so do not limit yourself.


Yes – they can be interesting, fun and thought-provoking; but, don’t get too obsessed with your answers.  As stated previously, our lives change over time – we make new friends, we change jobs, we become ill, we move homes.  We adapt to our surroundings and current situation so it makes sense our personality will change too.