This page is dedicated to those individuals who suffer from fybromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and coeliac disease. It’s also a place where you can come if you have a loved one or friend who suffers from any of the above.

Either one of these issues can be debilitating but even more so if you have all three (which my daughter has). I’ll be providing you with hints and tips on how to deal with every day life, what you can do to help yourself or your loved one. It will not be a place to feel sorry for yourself – you have what you have and you need to accept it; but I can help in getting your glass half full again!

My daughter Georga (Gee for short), will be providing some insight on what it’s like living with all three and what she does to try and help herself.

Life can be great, you just need a positive mindset. Times a ticking so let’s do this!