I have a house full of faddy eaters. I’m not including Georga as she has coeliac disease. However, the other two (which are of the male variety – need I say more!) are a pain in the proverbial when it comes to what they will eat or won’t eat. Hubby will not touch certain food types and the food he will eat has to be specific as follows (give me strength):

  • he won’t eat any kind of meat unless it is really lean chicken or beef
  • he won’t touch any kind of meat that appears to have a bone within it, i.e. chicken leg
  • he will not eat fish – the actual smell makes him feel sick
  • Eggs are the devil incarnate
  • His exposure to vegetables when he was small must have been limited because he will only eat carrots, gardens peas, mushy peas, or processed peas
  • Milk is a poisonous liquid intended for babies only
  • He only likes Warburton’s toasty bread
  • His sausages have to be Richmond’s (contains 42% PORK meat only…PORK!)
  • He likes pies but only if they’re minced beef and onion

I could go on but I haven’t got all day! The boy will not touch vegetables at all, however I’ll give him his due he does try and eat most things I put in front of him.

The recipes I have posted must have equivalent gluten free ingredients. They must also be meals that are not excessively expensive (unless it’s a special occasion), don’t need a multitude of ingredients and are fairly quick to prepare and cook.