Shark NV681UKT Vacuum Cleaner

Shark NV681UKT

I might as well cut to the chase and say, ‘I love this vacuum’.  I’ve been using it for nearly two months, and it has everything my previous hoovers did not have.  It’s solid, has great suction power, is easy to clean, the attachments are fantastic, it separates with ease, it’s simple and easy to empty, and I actually enjoy using it (there’s a first!). 

Easily lifts away so you can use it on stairs

I have had numerous vacuums over the years and have not, until now, found my true soul mate.  I’ve had numerous so-called pet models of Dyson and Vax but neither of them compare to the Shark.  In fact, I hated using the Vax that I sometimes refused to vacuum – any excuse. 

The numerous balls of hair from my long-haired German Shepherd would get wrapped around the Vax’s brush head, to the point where it stopped rotating altogether – pathetic.

Khaleesi (aka Kally) – nod to Game of Thrones

OK there are a few downsides – it can be a bit heavy to move about if you are small of stature.  It weighs approximately 6kg compared to the VAX at 5.6kg and the Dyson at 2.6kg, although I should point out the Dyson was cordless and the most expensive out of all of them. 

The best bit for me is that it converts to a portable vacuum with just the click of a button meaning vacuuming the stairs is a cinch. 

I paid £299 for mine and I suppose to some it’s a high price to pay just for the pleasure of vacuuming.  However, when I think about the money I have spent on other vacuums I feel I am getting more value for my money on all those previous ones combined.

Let me give you more pros and cons:


  • Quickly and easily converts to a portable hoover
  • Ideal if you have long-haired dogs (or cats) and comes with pet hair attachment
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Reasonably priced (compared to the Dyson)
  • No need to add/remove attachments when changing from hard floors to carpets (unlike the VAX)
  • Has a HEPA filter (high efficiency particulate air) which traps small particles – fantastic if you have asthma or allergies
  • It’s got side suction so you can get right into the skirting board, and the floorhead itself is adjustable
  • The extension tubes are metal and NOT plastic.  This is a big bonus for me as I’m a clumsy fool.
  • It’s got a manufacturer’s guarantee of 5 years
  • It’s got a 4.8 rating out of 5 on Argos, 4.5 on Amazon, and a 4.9 on


  • It’s a tad heavy (probably due to the more solid metals used as opposed to plastic – I prefer this as it feels ‘substantial’)
  • The ‘click-in’ hole (I can’t find another word for it) is supposed to hold in the hose to stop it waving about.  However, it doesn’t work.  To get around this I wrap the hose around the handle once and bobs your uncle.  It’s a small thing but it needs saying.

It’s a 4.9 out of 5.0 from me.